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We operate a privately funded transitional living program tailored to the individual. We work one on one with professionals in money management, mental health, career and life coaching, as well as housing, for up to a full year of housing. Yes, we have volunteers, but we prefer to pay our way. We are not 501(c)(3) nor do we intend to be . We do this to give back and Love Life and Live it FORWARD. Being we are a faith based company, and why we do this is because we have been there and come out of the FOG and utilize those lessons to help others.. We offer training for our clients to learn not just a job but a career. Together we work with our clients very closely as they become family.

Have you heard of us?  No, you haven't; we let our actions speak quietly through our clients sucess stories.

If you know someone that has truly gotten them selves sober, clean or faced their problems head on, then we want to help them learn a career that will support them and their families. Reachout and lets talk I C U N U R NOT ALONE!

They must have a minimum one year of sobriety. We have a strict ZERO tolerance mindset, as we are not a rehab program. Therefore, we have an intensive interview process that is required for our clients. This is a longterm commitment  to restoring their life again. That said, we will commit to you, if you commit to yourself.

Want to help contact Elliott at email listed below.

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